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Razzia Louis Vuitton Classic Rockefeller Center 2000 original hand...

Rockefeller 2000 sm Razzia
Razzia Louis Vuitton Classic Rockefeller Center 2000 hand signed original (Gerard Courbouleix) Louis Vuitton sponsored a Car show every year and each year Razzia created a new image. Featured is the very famous Ferrari LM from the 1960's 
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The Beatles by Richard Avedon for Stern 1967 poster set

Beatles Poster Set (4)
The Beatles set of 4 by Richard Avedon 1967 POP ART Beatles poster set, which was created by Richard Avedon in 1967. This set was for STERN magazine The STERN set is sold as a complete set of 5 posters or can be sold as 4 color with or without the black and white banner included. The poster set is sold "individually" mounted on linen. They are included...
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Bitter Campari by Hohenstein 1910 original Italian poster

Bitter Hohenstein
Bitter Campari by Hohenstein c1910 39 x 78 RARE ! Rare and Iconic poster by Adolfo Hohenstein done for Bitter Campari in Italia in 1910 in oversize. Poster in excellent condition on linen
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Venise (Venezia) by Georges Dorival 1921

Venise Dorival
Venise by Geo (Georges) Dorival 1921 View of the Grand Canal and doge Palace St Mark's Square of Venise. Trains from Paris  passing as well Laussane, Milan, and even on to Bucherest. Lines between Paris and Constantinople. Gorgeous posters says it all !!

1962 24 hours du Mans (Lemans) by Beligond on linen

Lemans 62
24 Hours of Lemans poster by Beligond 1962 on linen The 24 hours lemans had always showed the winning cars of the previous year in the poster as it was printed before the race was won. 

Italie Domenico Italian Railways Enit 1955

Italie Enit
Ferrara by Mario Borgoni c1920's excellent Rare poster of Ferrara for the Italian Railways Enit with artwork by Mario Borgoni
Warhol Andy

Andy Warhol Chanel N5 Perfume Complete Set of 4 posters

Chanel Set small
Chanel N5 by Andy Warhol made in 1997. Andy Warhol created this image for Chanel in the 1980's but it was not until 1997 that Chanel decided to use it as a publicity in their add campaigns. They printed the different color images in different sizes for different uses. There was a large size 47x63 inches for Bus Stops along the Champs Elysee. Then this...

Olio Radino Olive Oil poster 1950 by Gino Boccasile original...

Olio Radino
Olio Radino by Gino Boccasile Olive Oil poster original from 1950 on linen excellent Iconic image by Boccasile with you Italian lady pouring Olio Radino on a wonderful salad ready to go. Wish I was there to eat it !! Original poster in excellent condition on linen
Bicycle & Motorcycle

Phebus Cycles Paris by Henry Gray 1898 RARE !!!!!

Phebus Cycles Paris by Henry Gray (Henry Boulanger) 1898 As Rennert put it well "An Angel descended from Heaven" has come to touch the Phebus brand of bicycles. At the turn of the century with the first automobiles, bicycles were making their greatest strides and was a fantastic choice of locomotion for the masses. . It is very RARE !!
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