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"Sail the World with Poster France: Explore Our Boat Related Poster Collection"

Chart a course to adventure with Poster France and discover our extensive collection of boat-related posters. From the serene lakes of Europe captured by renowned artists like Robert Falcucci and Besnard to the thrilling races such as the Louis Vuitton Cup, America's Cup, and Louis Vuitton Trophy by the celebrated Razzia and others, our collection celebrates the beauty, elegance, and excitement of the nautical world.

Majestic Lakes of Europe: Our curated selection showcases the picturesque lakes of Europe through the artistry of distinguished talents like Robert Falcucci and Besnard. Each poster is a visual voyage, inviting you to explore these idyllic destinations.

Legendary Races: For enthusiasts of competitive sailing, we offer a treasure trove of posters celebrating prestigious events such as the Louis Vuitton Cup, America's Cup, and Louis Vuitton Trophy. These posters capture the spirit of competition and the thrill of the open sea.

Artistry on Display: Beyond advertising, our boat-related posters are works of art that evoke the essence of maritime beauty, adventure, and craftsmanship.

A Journey Awaits: Whether you're an avid sailor, an art connoisseur, or simply drawn to the allure of the sea, our collection offers a diverse range of posters to satisfy your passion.

Collector's Paradise: At Poster France, we cater to collectors seeking both vintage classics and contemporary masterpieces in the world of nautical art.

Set sail on a voyage of discovery with Poster France. Explore the artistry, history, and excitement of boat-related posters that capture the essence of maritime culture. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your journey into the world of boats and sailing awaits!

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Gruau Rene

Relax poster by Rene Gruau on linen

Relax by Rene Gruau
Relax by Rene Gruau on linen  Rene Gruau created this image in 1961, This is a second printing done in the 1970's. On linen excellent 

Perrier Hokusai wave by Bernard Villemot original 1980 vintage...

Perrier Hokusai ! Villemot L
Comments: Rare poster by Bernard Villemot for Perrier, also known as "Hokusai Wave." This poster pays tribute to the famous Japanese artist's painting of the wave. It's a second printing. Description: Journey into the world of art and advertising with this remarkable poster by Bernard Villemot for Perrier, also known as "Hokusai Wave." Created in 1980,...
Villemot Bernard

Perrier Zeste by Bernard Villemot vintage poster on linen

Perrier Zeste Villemot L
Perrier Zeste by Bernard Villemot 1987 on linen excellent The poster is an second printing Perrier poster by Villemot. The poster is on linen and in excellent condition.
Travel France

Lac D'Annecy by Hugo D'Alesi c1900 on linen

Lac Annecy Alesi
PLM poster for Lake Annecy by Hugo D'Alesi c1900 on linen Important poster for travel to Lake Annecy in the Haute Savoie. The view is of La Tournette which is the mountain that rises to 2500 meters directly from the lake. The boat La France sails in the foreground. The boat later sank and has become a favorite diving spot. The poster in excellent...
Boats – Sailing

New York by La Transat Albert Brenet original travel poster 1950

Brent NY Transat
New York par La Transat by Albert Brenet 1950 Rare poster for New York City with travel by boat on the Compagnie General of France. Views of the old Empire State Bldg before the tower and Chrysler building. Important poster which has made much more at auction than the price offered here
Boats – Sailing


statendam cassandre
Statendam by AM CAssandre done by the Museum Bibliotheque National 1995 Original Authentic Cassandre poster reprinted in Lithograph for the Bibliotheque National de Paris in 1995 taken from the original from 1929. This is an OFFICIAL reprinting by the most important Poster Museum in a limited number done in LITHOGRAPH on heavy stock paper. In excellent...
Travel France

Esterel Plage by Henry Gray 1900 vintage French TRAVEL POSTER

Esterel Plage by Henry Gray 1900 vintage poster on linen View from the Cote D'Azur on to the gorgeous beaches of the Esterel which runs along the cote in the south of France. Stone lithograph in excellent condition
Boats – Sailing

Paquebot Louis Lumiere voyage poster by Brenet 1950 VINTAGE...

paquebot louis lumiere
Paquebot Louis Lumiere Ship poster by Brenet 1950 on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for the Chargeurs Reunis with passage on the Compagnie Maritime. In excellent condition on linen original.
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