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Boats – Sailing

Messageries Maritimes by Jean Des Gachons 1950's Ship poster

Mess Maritimes 2 Gachons
Messageries Maritimes by Jean des Gachons 1958 Messageries Maritimes to destinations like Djibouti, Africa, Orient, Madagascar and the island of Reunion and Isle de Maurice from ports of Marseille and Port-Vendres in France. Jean des Gachons a renown ship artist did this poster for the Messageries Maritimes at Edita Paris in 1950's.
Boats – Sailing

Paquebot General Leclaerc voyage poster by Brenet 1950 VINTAGE...

paquebot leclerc
Paquebot General Leclerc Ship poster by Brenet 1950 on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for the Chargeurs Reunis with passage on the Compagnie Maritime. In excellent condition on linen original. Ports in Africa as shown here. 
Boats – Sailing

Paquebot Ville de Tunis voyage poster by Brenet 1950 VINTAGE...

paquebot Ville Tunis
Paquebot Ville de Tunis Ship poster by Brenet 1950 on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique with passage to Ports in North Africa from Marseille as shown here.  

Swissair Japan 1968 by Uemura Shoko

Afrique Air France Villemot
Swissair to Japan by Uemura Shoko 1968 Swissair poster to Japan showing a Geisha girl printed by the Japan Tourist Association in 1968 with gold ink and in offset.

ABA Swedish Air Lines to the Orient by Olle Svenson RARE early Israel

ABA Svenson
ABA Swedish Arilins by Olle Svenson 1947  Rare poster perhaps the first to show the newly formed Israel state printed actually in 1947 with artwork by Olle Svenson. The poster was made for the Italian public for travel to the near orient which includes 4 flages Swedish, Turkish, Italian and Israel. I am surprised to find the printed date of the poster as...
Sport & Ski

Sarajevo Olympiques by Mujezonovic 1984 Hockey player

Sarajevo Hockey
Muejezonovic did the posters for the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo in 1984  This is of the Hockey event. This is an artistic printing done on a finer paper. This same poster sold for $1250 at Christies ski sale. excellent  
Food & Drink

1830-1930 L'Algerie Pays de Agricole by Henri Dormoy

Algerie Dormoy
1830-1930 L'Algerie Agriculture by Henri Dormoy 1930 Algeria a French colony was a source of Agriculture for France and this poster celebrates 100 years of Agriculture. Frenchman and Algerian conversing with tractors plowing away. IN the. foreground the different fruits and vegetables that originate from Algeria. 
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Travel Italy

Carlo Cussetti 1900 VINTAGE ORIGINAL Italian POSTER

Rome Cussetti
Rome by Carlo Cussetti on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for Rome by Carlo Cussetti. The fellow in the foreground busily reading his roman history and his imagination creates the images of Roman Legions marching by on the very ground where he is. In excellent condition on linen original. 
Travel Italy

Rome, Venise, Pompeii, Milan and Florence by Carlo Cussetti 1900...

rome milan etc Cussetti
Rome, Venise, Pompeii, Milan and Florence by Carlo Cussetti on linen excellent Original Authentic poster for Rome, Venise, Pompeii, Milan and Florence by Carlo Cussetti. Vignettes of the different important cities of Italy with the central view of Rome. In excellent condition on linen original. 
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Cote D'ivoire
This vintage travel poster, titled "République du Cote D'Ivoire" by Destrier, dates back to around 1950. It is a lithograph printed in France by Imprimerie Dessirier. The poster measures 25 x 39 inches and is in excellent condition, having been preserved on linen. The poster was originally created for the French travel bureau to promote tourism to Cote...
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