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Andrew Warhola was born in Pittsburgh in 1928. He had a successful career as an illustrator for magazine advertising. He used his skills in advertising to appeal to the general public and make commonplace images such as Soup and Brillo etc works of art. He incorporated photography in to his silk screening techniques. He is also known for his film-making and writing and video installations. Poster France has a wide selection of his works both from during and after his death. His many exhibitions around the world and works for Chanel etc. 

warhol elvis

Here is the Silver Elvis by Andy Warhol being admired by Bob Dylan. As it turns out Andy gave Bob this famous painting and Bob ended up giving it away to his manager as he did not care for it. It is worth an astronomical sum today as one of his most important and iconic images.

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Warhol Andy

Andy Warhol Chanel N5 Perfume Yellow Blue small model

Chanel N5 Yellow Blue small
Chanel N5 by Andy Warhol made in 1997 large Size Andy Warhol created this image for Chanel in the 1980's but it was not until 1997 that Chanel decided to use it as a publicity in their add campaigns. They printed the different color images in different sizes for different uses. There was a large size 47x63 inches for Bus Stops along the Champs Elysee....
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